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Business Process Improvement Grew Revenue by 70% – a Client Case Study

Business process improvement efforts grew revenue by 70%. This focus on people, process and communication not only increased revenue but it reduced expenses, improved profitability and brought in significant government contracts. A business process focus improved internal operations and greatly enhanced the customer experience, driving customer loyalty and customer retention. Client: Small distribution business that […]

Compliance Disaster or Compliance Profitability

I have touched on these topics before and it is time to get into them again. Over the last few years, I have had clients that reduced the value of their business. They have ignored a basic tenet of building a company to maximize business value for their eventual transition, exit or succession plan. Call […]

Focused Business Growth – Is Your Business Growing or Slowly Dying?

You have heard variations on this quote: “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.”  ~ Lou Holtz This may be meant in a motivational way, but it is true in business. If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward, especially in today’s competitive world. Real […]

Do You Have a Competitive Advantage? No, Really, Do You??

A Key Driver in Building Your Company’s Value Maximizing the value of your business is a process, requiring a focus on drivers of transferable business value. Competitive Advantage is one of those key drivers. “Why Should I Buy From You?” Whether you hear this question out loud or not, it is what every potential customer […]

How Exit Planning & Succession Planning Will Make You More Profitable TODAY!

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” ~ Don Marquis Are you really going to be able to exit when you want to? So many of you are depending on your business to fund your retirement. But are you ready? Is the business ready? How are you going to make your business stand […]

The Value Track – Exit Planning – A Client Case Study: VeenendaalCave

VeenendaalCave, Inc. was a leader in the commercial interior design industry, providing a full range of interior planning and design services to real estate developers and corporate clients. With 60 talented staff members, the firm was the leading provider of tenant development services for office property owners in the metro Atlanta market, as well as […]

Beg For Customer Complaints – Grow Your Business – Maximize Value for Exit Planning

Beg For Customer Complaints. One More in Our Series on Key Drivers of Business Value: The Customer Experience. It’s More Than a Three-Question Survey! • You want to grow your business! • You want your business to run more efficiently! • You want new customers! • You want to keep all of your current customers! […]

Make Yourself Irrelevant – Maximizing Value for Exit Planning

Make Yourself Irrelevant – Maximizing Value for Exit Planning   There are many ways to build the value of your business over time. In this blog, I discuss working yourself out of your day-to-day role.   You want to exit at some point, you want to maximize what you get for your business. Exit planning […]