The Value Track: Startup – Strategy for Early Stage – A Client Case Study: SculptHouse

The Value Track – Startup

Katherine Mason founded SculptHouse fitness studio and activewear boutique, combining her passion for the combination of fitness and fashion. She worked in New York City at two luxury fitness studios and was signed with Wilhelmina Models Fitness Division before starting SculptHouse.

“I knew that going from everything and all staff in one location to 4 locations in the next two years was going to be much more than 4 times as complicated.”

Katherine Mason, Founder & CEO, SculptHouse

The Challenge

Just three years out of college, Katherine wrote a business plan, worked hard and opened the doors to her first studio in 2016. While profitable in her first year and with significant growth in her 2nd year, her goal was bigger. She set her sights on opening more locations.

The Solution

We helped Katherine work through the financial, people and operational backbone necessary for continued success. This included juggling the immediate needs and challenges of fast-paced growth with the longer-term strategic thinking and planning to ensure long-term success. Building a solid infrastructure was key to success in this fast-growth environment.

“It feels like moving full speed on the treadmill while performing maintenance on it at the same time! David helps me and my team stay sane.”

Katherine Mason, Founder & CEO, SculptHouse

The Results

Four locations across three states are up and running. New locations are being contemplated. SculptHouse now has the infrastructure, the people, the brand and experience to make each new location a smoother process and immediately successful. The value growth foundation is set.

 “Doors opened at 3 new locations in a span of 8 months, couldn’t have done it without David. He is a great partner in my strategic and financial planning, building value for the future and is a great sounding board for the inevitable challenges that arise.”

Katherine Mason, Founder & CEO, SculptHouse

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