Exit / Succession Planning – TRANSFERABLE Value Drivers

Understanding TRANSFERABLE Value and Value Drivers

First, let’s discuss Transferable Value

I usually put it this way: “What would happen if you left your business for three months, headed down to an island with absolutely no way to communicate?”

  1. If you get back and the business is humming along well, even thriving, you may well be on your way to significant transferable value.
  2. If sales didn’t happen, if bills were not paid, if your products or services were not delivered, if 2 key employees quit and if the leaking roof completely fell in – because you were not there – you probably don’t have much transferable value.

The company’s dependence on you for success limits Transferable Value to a buyer. A buyer does not want to see a significant amount of knowledge walk out the door upon purchasing your business. If that’s the case, they will pay you a lot less than you want for it.

Perhaps the extremes of 1) or 2) above don’t apply to you, but the reality is that most businesses have a long way to go to optimize transferable value.

The big goal: make yourself irrelevant to the business. “But, but…” I hear you start to protest. Get over it! If your goal is to have the money that you need/want for yourself and your family, you need to raise your business like a child, preparing it to live life on its own…without you.

Now, the Top Ten Drivers of Transferable Value

These are not necessarily in priority order and should all be addressed as you work on growth, succession and exit. Develop a plan that truly addresses these ten items, and start working the plan now:

• Your revenue will improve immediately.
• You will feel better and enjoy the business.
• Your value will start to grow quickly.

1. Sustainable, Recurring Revenue.

2. Written Business Processes: update them regularly, train to them regularly. Repeatable, consistent operating systems drive the customer experience and sustainable cash flow.

3. A Technology infrastructure that supports your plan and value drivers, while staying current!

4. Management Team and senior staff who are trained and motivated. Make sure that your employees are Knowledgeable and Engaged.

5. Sustainable, Competitive Advantage: Is there something that is truly different about you? If not, find it! Don’t be a commodity and don’t tell me “we have great customer service”!

6. Scalability: are you ready to take on a new customer that adds 50% to your revenue? 100%?

7. Diversified Customer Base: Is one customer more than 20% of your revenue? And how often do customers leave you?

8. Customer Experience: Do you truly know how your customers experience your products and services?

9. Financial Performance: Sustainable, Growing Cash Flow and Financial Controls.

10. Written Growth Plan


The Bottom Line on Transferable Value

The business needs to thrive – without you! Develop and work a plan that addresses the top ten value drivers. Start today, measure your progress and adjust your tactics if you get off track on your exit planning.


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