Get the return you deserve on your life’s work.

Selling a business is an extremely complex process. In fact, a very small percentage of privately-owned businesses ever sell at all!
To sell it right, and maximize the return on your life’s work, takes a close partnership and dynamic team approach. It also takes you, the owner, clearly understanding the selling process and your company’s value through the eyes of a buyer.

Get Clear

on the Sale-Readiness of Your Business

How We Help You Sell Your Business the Right Way

Take the time needed

We take on a limited number of clients and take the time needed to analyze, strategize and execute the sale of your business.

Reduce Buyer Objections

Even in a short time frame, we’re able to help optimize your business to reduce buyer objections and increase sale value.

Explore Creative Options

We present creative selling options that can increase the value and success of the sale.

Engage your advisors to reduce problems

We collaboratively engage with your other trusted advisors to reduce potential problems and mistakes that can negatively affect the deal.

Find the Win-Win that closes the deal

With our extensive experience representing both buyers and sellers, and value growth consulting, we’re able to negotiate a win-win outcome for both parties.

not "High Volume"

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How the Value Track is Different

There are literally thousands of companies out there offering to sell your business. The vast majority are business brokers focused on a high volume of “sell now” transactions.

  • Your typical broker does not help you build the value of your business.
  • They don’t present selling options that don’t involve a typical sale commission.
  • They are not going to want to wait.

A value-driven partner

At the Value Track, we’re more than just a business broker. We work closely with business owners through growth and value-building all the way to a successful, optimized business sale.

  • A close partnership
  • A dynamic team approach
  • A smart, customized selling strategy

David and his team negotiated non-stop even after we had a firm offer, and got an increase in the sale price based on new contracts we were bringing in."

J.D., Seller/Owner, Sold March, 2022

Ready to Sell Now?
But Not Clear on How it All Works?

Get clear on the current value and sale-readiness of your business, how the sale process works, key mistakes to avoid, and how to do it the right way.

Selling a Business. The FAQs.

Information is power. Step 1 of our Value Track approach to selling a business is to get business owners informed on the process.  Here are answers to just a few of the many questions we hear.

If you really want to maximize the eventual sale of your business, start today! By having a target date and a target value top of mind, you can make better decisions every day for your business. The impact of this will be short term growth and improvement while also enhancing value for the long term.

Business valuation is complex. There is no simple answer. Your business is unique. Competitors of the same size in the same industry could be worth significantly more or significantly less than your business. Someone telling you, "in your industry, your business is worth X times Revenue or EBITDA", is dangerous! Let's talk about your specific business and what it could bring out in the marketplace.

It takes time, sometimes more than you'd like, which is why business owners should start planning today. Once we engage with a client to sell, it can easily be nine months or a year or more.

Be prepared! Keep your accounting as clean as possible, keep your reporting as clean as possible, have written procedures wherever you can. Keep things organized and have a repository for all your contracts. Make sure that your employee files and compliance obligations are up to speed. And so much more! Get some help on this - it can take your eye off the ball in continuing to grow the value of your business.

The short answer is this: in good times or bad, a well-run business will sell. The negotiations may be a little more complicated when there are downturns in the economy but a good company with good cash flow is always very attractive.

The most valuable 60 minutes you’ll spend on your business this year

Get to know each other’s business

  • We get to know your business, personal and family goals
  • You get to know our process, the basics on valuation, and our views on the current market

Get clear on how to sell right

  • Current sale-readiness of your business
  • Options you may not have not thought about
  • Critical mistakes to avoid
  • Why you need to get started NOW

The best way to get started is to get informed.

Get clear on the current value and sale-readiness of your business, how the value-building and sale process works, key mistakes to avoid, and how to do it the right way.

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