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Avoiding Supply Chain Interruption – ISO 9000 in a Global Organization

Avoiding Supply Chain Interruption – The Power of ISO 9000 Successfully Implementing ISO 9000 in a Global Organization A Case Study Company:                   Aventis Animal Nutrition, Atlanta Industry:                     Feed Additives Project Summary:     Implementation of ISO 9001 in North America Background As a global organization serving customers around the world, the company decided to […]

Fine Tuning ISO 9000: A Client Case Study – Successful Surveillance Audit

Fine Tuning Your ISO 9000 Quality System – Back on Track to Pass the ISO 9001 Surveillance Audit – A Case Study Client: Subsidiary of a Foreign Company in the USA Summary: The company had been ISO-certified but had fallen behind in maintaining the system because of organizational changes and other business “interruptions”. The Situation: […]

Business Strategy in a Nonprofit? LEADING YOUR NONPROFIT – almost – LIKE A BUSINESS

When I discuss working on growth with a nonprofit organization, I inevitably get a response something like this: “It sounds good but that only works in a business. “We are a charity/agency/government department/professional association and we are not like a business.” While there are some fundamental differences, there are more similarities. As in a business, […]

Business Merger – Strategic Growth Tool and an Exit Strategy

BUSINESS MERGER SUCCESS A Strategic Growth Tool and an Exit Strategy A bold move! You tend to work day to day in your business. You are doing good things, addressing problems, looking for that next customer. Hopefully, you have a business plan in place that you are using as a guide to value growth. But, […]

Thoughtful, Profitable ISO 9000

Thoughtful, Profitable ISO 9000 ™ Leverage the Unrealized Benefits of Your ISO Investment   Does one of these fit your organization? You are certified to ISO 9001. You were required or “encouraged” to get certified by your parent company or a big customer (a corporate entity or a government agency). You groaned and dragged your […]


WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS WORTH? Business Valuation is not an exact science! You are not going to work forever. You may have a date in mind but aren’t sure how to make it happen – how to retire and maintain your lifestyle. Do you have an exit strategy? What about succession planning? See: Nine Ways […]

How does ISO 9000 Help Grow Sales and Increase Profitability?

How does ISO 9000 Help Grow Sales and Increase Profitability? And, Attract & Retain Customers? What separates highly effective, successful, profitable businesses from those that just get along or barely make it? – People, Process, Communication Why ISO 9000? The ISO framework simply makes good business sense. When you walk through the elements of ISO […]

Customer Retention – Are You Just Whisking it Past the Scanner?

Customer Retention – Are You Just Whisking It Past the Scanner? One More in Our Series on Key Drivers of Business Value: The Customer Experience and Your Business Processes.   Listening to and integrating your customers’ (changing) needs and wants must be part of growing your business value over time. I often discuss operational excellence, […]

Exit Planning – Succession Planning: Nine Options for Exit

Exit Planning – Succession Planning – Nine Options for Exit So many variations to an exit plan! Here are just nine themes…a brief summary to get you thinking! Within each, there are many potential paths and tools to get there. There are also serious considerations to take into account. 1. Sell to 3rd party: An […]