The Value Track: Growth – Strategic Planning & Value Growth – A Client Case Study: Morgan & DiSalvo


Morgan & DiSalvo, P.C. employs a consultative approach that begins by helping clients identify their goals. They help them plan for the changes that life brings in the areas of estate, business and tax planning. Just as they assist their clients in maximizing wealth and minimizing risk, they sought the expertise of The Value Track to assist with their own long-term strategic planning for long-term success.

“We were transitioning as a firm, moving offices and growing. The Value Track team helped us determine what was truly important to building value, how to measure it and implement change for long-term sustainability.”
Richard M. Morgan, Morgan & DiSalvo

Business Challenge

Richard and Loraine were not seeing the growth in revenue necessary to maintain and grow their firm. The estate planning and tax law environment was – and is – in a constant state of flux. In addition, the firm was moving locations, hiring new staff and adding a partner. Throughout all of this change, they had done little to develop a brand, market their firm or differentiate themselves in a strategic manner aside from traditional networking activities.


The Value Track team completed a comprehensive strategic assessment of the practice – a thorough approach that included long-range planning, marketing (branding, target markets, messaging communications and business development initiatives), finance (pricing, compensation), business infrastructure (internal processes, workflow) and results management. We helped the firm’s partners build consensus and alignment on strategy and business infrastructure critical to long-term success.

“The Value Track team had the expertise and “fit” to work comfortably with all of us. They guided us through strategic thought process and practical implementation of initiatives throughout the firm. They helped us determine what was important, how to measure it and how to ensure that it continues well into the future.”

Loraine DiSalvo, Morgan & DiSalvo


The partners had a clear objective, were willing to make an investment and had the patience to spend the time necessary to ensure real change. Revenue increased 50% in one year. Their foundation is set to keep growing at this rate or more.

“The Value Track team saw the ‘big picture’ and understood our concerns. They helped us prioritize the dozens of steps necessary to achieve our goals…the most important one being continued excellent levels of service to all of our clients.”

Richard M. Morgan, Morgan & DiSalvo

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