What is The Value Track?

My Business is Worth HOW MUCH?!?!

The Problem

When we present a valuation to our clients, they are usually horrified. The value is most often nowhere near their expectations or needs. The disbelief and devastation are apparent. Why is this?  Business owners do not have a full understanding of what drives business value.
Research says that 4 million businesses will be sold over the next 5 – 10 years. If that’s even close, you know that most will be selling for well under what their value could have been…IF THEY SELL AT ALL.
We recently spent 2 hours explaining to two business partners what their business was worth and why. They were disappointed but excited to understand value and how they would manage the business going forward.

When is the Best Time to Get on The Value Track?

The ideal time to begin building value is the moment you start your business. But most of us are scrambling to get going – and then get so busy with growth – that we delay focusing on building value and exit planning. We are caught up in putting out fires, it remains a lifestyle business, value suffers.

The Value Track – 7 Steps in the Process

The Value Track is a proven, 7-step process of improving profitability and building the transferable value – the real value – of your business. Embracing the Value Track approach will help you exit ownership on your own terms, create your best possible future and improve your quality of life.

Whatever stage you are at in your business’ lifecycle, this process gets you beyond all of that and onto a serious Value-Building track for your company. Click here for 3 client stories at three stages.

  1. Get Everyone on the Same Page
  2. Understand Current Business Value
  3. Build Your Advisory Team
  4. Exit-Readiness Assessment
  5. Build Value
  6. Determine Exit Structure
  7. Execute the Transaction

Are You on The Value Track? Learn More About the 7 Steps here: The Value Track


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