How does ISO 9000 Help Grow Sales and Increase Profitability?

How does ISO 9000 Help Grow Sales and Increase Profitability?

And, Attract & Retain Customers?

What separates highly effective, successful, profitable businesses from those that just get along or barely make it? – People, Process, Communication

Why ISO 9000?

The ISO framework simply makes good business sense. When you walk through the elements of ISO 9000, you will see that it is all about a strong customer focus, management engagement, a process approach and continuous improvement.

One of our clients won a national contract with a Fortune 50 client after effectively implementing an ISO 9000 system here in the Atlanta area. They understood ISO and how to best integrate it into their business operations. At each step along the way, we made sure that ISO supported their business needs, without adding work or resources that did not make sense for their operations. [Here is the brief case study.]

When implemented the right way, you will see:

  • Growth in revenue and in profitability, as well as in the value of your business.
  • Improved customer retention – fewer repeated errors – fewer customer complaints.
  • Growth in a new customer base with improved services and products.
  • Improved morale, improved employee retention.
  • Fewer safety issues, reducing workers’ comp costs and potential fines.
  • More efficient employee base – eliminating wasted time and overlapping duties.

Any business or industry can see tremendous benefit from the discipline that ISO brings to an organization.

Often a Requirement – Always a Competitive Advantage!

Are you considering (or already) working with large corporate clients, international businesses and/or the federal government? Having a quality system such as ISO in place can be a requirement, or at least a significant competitive advantage in obtaining that contract.

ISO 9000 should be a strategic tool for growth and profitability. If you are not working with ISO, consider learning more about how to implement it effectively in order to see a true ROI out of your implementation. ISO is provides a deliberate, systemic approach to long-term, sustainable growth.

David Shavzin, CMC

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